Bride Behind the Mask

written by C. W. Sun


Drake Rohan’s wife is a real piece of work. He despises everything about her. Everything from the heavily-powdered face, to the overly-red lips, to the shrilly voice she uses to yell the heads off the servants. But this marriage was his mother's last dying wish, and so he is stuck. Painfully stuck.

Amelia Weston has never wanted to marry. She is her father's only child and all she ever wanted was to stay by his side for as long as she could. But the stubborn old man has insisted on marrying her off to a Northern stranger to honour a family agreement, leaving it up to her to devise a perfect plan of escape.

Knowing just how much those Northerners hate court ladies from the South, Amelia transforms herself into a much exaggerated version of one. She does everything she can think of to get on Drake's nerves, hoping that he would annul their marriage and send her home. But his unyielding patience continues to drive her mad.

As their battle of wills and wits ensues, a storm of royal games and politics brews from afar, threatening to tear them and the kingdom apart.

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