written by C. S. SOLARYS

genre: adventure

Born and raised under the Qowat Denã, a guild of female archer assassins, Mina devotes her life to becoming the perfect weapon to kill the elusive and annoyingly handsome, Alaris Silvah, the last Vampire. His portrayal by the media as a philanthropist and heartthrob does nothing to stop her mission to avenge her community by ending his existence.

Before Mina releases her poisoned arrow to end Alaris's life, he turns and winks, catching her off guard and initiating their game kill-or-survive. Little does she know, the vampire's been tracking her since birth. He knows the Qowat Denã's secrets that predate her alliance with them and her world will be torn apart when she has to decide who to trust.

Will she trust her sworn enemy, Alaris, or the women who cared for her from infancy?

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