Stronger as One

written by Ina Ramos


Three mates. One destiny. A world on the brink of destruction.

At 27, Riley thought she knew who she was-one of the UK's top security experts with a past she refused to let define her. Raised by devoted adoptive parents, she's blindsided when her long-lost brother reappears, revealing her true origins and uncovering a hidden world of shifters and magic.

Bearing the weight of her newfound identity, Riley must navigate the complex world of shifter politics, danger, power, and magic while guarding her heart from the two alluring men destined to stand by her side.

With the fate of the shifter world hanging in the balance, Riley must confront her deepest fears and unravel the mysteries of her past. Can she find the strength to accept her destiny and the men who hold the key to her heart? Or will the encroaching darkness consume the world she's only just begun to discover?

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