Canaisis - The Last Living Ship

written by Annika Ravenrock

genre: adventure

Canaisis is the last of her kind, a Living Ship forged with Mankind's most advanced technology and artificial intelligence. Together with her Captain, she sails the cold, dark void between stars at multiple times the speed of light—to ensure Humankind's survival.

As Canaisis agrees to carry a religious order to their new colony planet, Captain Gareth Levant finds his solitude interrupted by a new culture and a woman, whose Gift threatens to unlock the pain caged within his heart. A pain he’s carried since before the day he first launched... centuries ago.

Captain Levant loves his ship as any good captain does since the beginning of time—whether with wind, sail and ocean waves as in the days of old, or in the vast depths of space. But if Canaisis were able to return that love, could it burn bright enough to light the way through the void within the Captain's own heart? Or does it require the Gift of human touch?

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adventure apocalypse artificial-intelligence canaisis colony computer culture empath hard-scifi hardscifi intelligence legend lovestory philosophy sci-fi science-fiction scifi society space spacetravel starship universe

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