Bio: Nikki Pierce is a Canadian author & Wattpad Creator obsessed with creating romantic, fun stories that may or may not keep you up reading late into the night! Her series Just Press Send has over 1 million reads on Wattpad. Featured Books:

Fiora Voss

Writing with an Editor

Bio: With a lifelong love for the art of writing, Fiora Voss began her own publishing adventures with her debut novella, The Fate of Kane, which shortlisted in the 2023 Open Novella Contest. A founding member of Melkat Indie Solutions, she strives to unite writers with their readers in a never-ending pursuit of telling great…


Why Romance Rules

Bio: Kay is a contemporary romance author with a love of slow-burn drama turning into dumpster fires followed by happily-ever-after endings. Every story offers a personal injection of sarcastic, self-deprecating humor, plotline twists and cliffhangers, and flawed, realistic characters and relationship dynamics. Featured Books: It’s Just Phone Sex – I Hate Football Players –…

Jane Peden

Tips and Tricks for Online Serials

Bio: Jane Peden is the multi-published award-winning author of sexy contemporary romances, thrillers set in exotic locales, and short stories including romanic capers, YA horror, paranormal, and literary fiction. Her novel Law, Lies, and Love Affairs has over 3 million reads on Wattpad. Her ongoing serialized fiction project, Sex and the Billionaire Crime Boss, is…

Rita Kovach


Bio: R.S. Kovach writes strong yet relatable heroines, flawed but redeemable heroes, and the occasional villain you’ll love to hate. An art historian by training and a senior higher education administrator by trade, she lives in the Washington, DC area. On Wattpad since 2013, she was a pioneer in hosting seasonal anthologies, was an original…


Pantsers vs Plotters

Bio: Sabrina Blackburry is a fantasy author from Missouri. Writing love with a touch of magic, her stories are known for romance, magic, fate, and banter with fun side characters. When she’s not writing, she’s outside on walks, in the garden, or playing cozy games. Sabrina is best known for her debut novel Dirty Lying…

EA Comiskey

Pantsers vs Plotters

Bio: E.A. Comiskey primarily writes speculative fiction but from time to time she dabbles in other genres. She is published with Scarsdale Publishing and is a Wattpad Creator. She won Watty Awards in 2018 and 2021 and is Southwest Airlines’ “Storyteller on the Rise.” Her story, Alone in Tombstone, was developed as a short film…

Idris Grey

All Things Tropes!

Bio: Idris Grey is a writer, book reviewer, and sensitivity reader specializing in multicultural stories featuring mostly LGBTQIA+ characters. Spanning from contemporary to fantasy, Idris’s stories are quirky and full of whip-smart banter, gorgeous locales, and delicious food. Not to mention a touch of MAGIC. Their novella GIRLS CHASE GIRLS won the LGBTQ+ Watty Award…


The Changing Face of Marketing

Bio: Kristin Jacques is an award-winning author of fantasy fiction for teens and adults. She currently lives in a small town in Connecticut with her partner, kiddos, and two trash goblins who think they are cats. When not writing, she’s usually reading, or catching some excellent b-horror movies. She is currently working on projects full…

Olivia Vaughn

Why Romance Rules

Bio: Olivia Vaughn is a full-time student by day, and a writer of queer fiction by night. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, she’s grown up in South Dakota and now lives in Texas. She joined the Wattpad Stars program at age 15 and now, at age 19, is part of the Creators program. When not writing,…


The Changing Face of Marketing

Bio: Gala Russ is a writer of stories where emotions run high and a reader of fiction and poetry in English, French, Russian, and Spanish. You can read her Love in Chicago series of interconnected standalones on Wattpad. Gala is part of Wattpad Creators program. As an extravert, a former teacher, and project manager, Gala…

DL Croisette

The Changing Face of Marketing

Bio: DL Croisette is a storyteller. She had characters in her head before she had words in her mouth. Now she spins them into romantic stories full of drama and heart. Collector of international friends, avid traveller and always up for a new adventure, she snaps photos to remember each escapade, and peppers her stories…

Mason Fitzgibbon

Horror Writing

Bio: Mason Fitzgibbon is a Wattpad Creator and lover of all things spooky. She joined Wattpad in 2013 and began posting her stories in 2014. Best known for her Family Comes First series, Mason has gained over 30 million reads. She has been shortlisted once in the 2021 Wattys and twice in the 2022 Wattys.…

MB Dalto

Pantsers vs Plotters

Bio: MB Dalto is a bisexual New Adult romantic fantasy author, best known for her Watty Winner TWO THOUSAND YEARS, her Watty Shortlister CUT TO THE BONE, and Watty Longlister LADY MUTINY. She is a Wattpad Creator and contributor to both Paid Stories and YONDER. When she is not hiding behind her laptop, she is…


Pantsers vs Plotters

Bio: I’m a refugee from Hollywood where I worked for ten years. The last position I held was VP of Finance for Jim Henson Productions where I once puppeteered a chicken. Sadly, after my brilliant debut, they advised me to stick with numbers! Since the demise of my puppetry career, I focus my creative energy…


Pantsers vs Plotters

Bio: Nabeela, known to friends as Nab, started writing on Wattpad, seven years ago, at the insistence of a friend. She dabbled in short stories in the beginning and slowly moved onto NewAdult, YoungAdult and is currently focused on poetry. She’s 47, a mom of two and a resident of India. She loves connecting with…


Writing with an Editor

Bio: Melody Grace Hicks writes spicy sci-fi fantasy and thriller romance with a twist of popular culture on a bed of mashed mythology. Born and raised on Canada’s West Coast, Melody has travelled the world and brings this diversity into her fiction. By day, she’s an award-winning internationally published scientist and professor with over 300…

Jessica Cunsolo

Writing with an Editor

Bio: Jessica Cunsolo’s young adult series, With Me, has amassed over 215 million reads on Wattpad since she posted her first story, She’s With Me, on the platform in 2015. It has been published in multiple languages and is in development with Wattpad WEBTOON studios. Jessica lives just outside of Toronto, where she enjoys the outdoors…


The Art of Cover Design

Bio: Ren Tachibana is a writer and graphic designer from California whose love for great stories spurred her to begin her own writing journey. Her novel BEREFT won the 2016 Watty Award. Her novel SERPENT HEART won the 2019 Watty Award and is available on Amazon. Featured Books: Bereft – All Things Devour –…

Wendy Million

All Things Tropes!

Bio: Wendy Million is a Watty Award winner, Wattpad Creator, W by Wattpad Books author, and self-published writer. Her books about flawed men and the woman who love them have entertained her Wattpad readers since 2016, and have now found a wider audience in both traditional and indie publishing. Featured Books:

AJ Arnault

Tips and Tricks for Online Serials

Bio: AJ Arnault is a therapist by day and a fiction writer by night. Her writing career began on Wattpad, where she is part of the Creators Program, and writes Strip in the City, a steamy contemporary serialized romance about male strippers and the women who love them. Her debut novel, Her Royal Highness, releases…

Henry Scott

From Digital to Print

Bio: After an engineering career with over 400 patents, Henry Scott now invents thrilling plotlines in his novels. He lives in metro-Detroit with his family, two lovable golden retrievers, a cat, and a turtle whose pictures are on his Instagram and TikTok feeds. Featured Books:

Nicholas “Nick” Manus

Pantsers vs Plotters

Bio: Nicholas Manus is a passionate young writer. Since June 2014, he has written many short stories and novels on multiple writing sites before settling on Wattpad permanently in early 2020, where he is also a retired Ambassador. His greatest desire is to write full-time. On the side, he also manages the Wattpad Wiki website.…

Caroline Richardson

Why Romance Rules

Bio: Caroline Richardson writes mature, steamy contemporary romantic stories. You can find all her books on Wattpad and YONDER. Her debut novel Out of His League was published in April 2022 by W by Wattpad Books, available wherever books are sold, and as an audio book available on popular audiobook platforms. Caroline combines over twenty…