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Double Edge

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The plan was simple:

Go in through the front doors, demand the money from each of the drawers, and escape with the getaway car before the cops arrived.

That plan crumbled in less than five minutes.

Giovanni only took part in the robbery to pay for his daughter's kidney transplant. But after he was arrested, then sentenced to life, he lost it all.

He wouldn't see his daughter grow, start school, or fall in love. He'd miss every step of her life while wasting away in prison with what was left of his.

So, when Paxton, a blossoming cybernetic company, approached his cell with a proposition, Giovanni didn't say no. In exchange for becoming their experiment, he'd get to see the sunlight outside prison walls. He'd get to see his daughter's smiling face.

And he'd get to find his "friends" who ran away with his freedom.

About the Author

I'm Vee, a former Wattpad ⭐(2020-2023) & current Wattpad Creator(2022-present). I'm also a YONDER contributor! In 2020, my Science Fiction story "Human Code" won a Watty!

Proud ???????? Borrriiiiiiicua, obsessed with aliens, machines, and was given the title Cyborg Queen by some of my fellow Wattpadders ~ I also love anime (a DBZ fan to my core, obsessed with Demon Slayer's Inosuke) & when I'm not writing, you can find me playing video games or binging Netflix shows with my hubs and daughter.


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