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My Daughter-In-Law

"Does he treat you well?"
"Yes," she whispered, but I could see a flash of insecurity in her expressive doe eyes. So I leaned even closer. So close that I could hear her erratic heart beats.
"Let me rephrase that. Does he satisfy you, Bambi?"
Her lack of answer told me what I needed to know.
"You're too good for him," I murmured. Her hair felt so soft against the tip of my nose, and her scent made me crave her more than ever. I needed her. But most of all, I needed to show her how such a beautiful goddess should be treated.

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Hi. I'm lovebug, the crazy Norwegian who has no idea what she's doing trying to write stories in a language different from her own. I drink Monster instead of coffee, and I don't have 2 cats. I have 4. And a dog, 6 horses, and 4 budgies. And I've had sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, hamsters, peacocks, guineas, bunnies, and fish. Did I say I live on a farm? And since that obviously isn't enough, I have a black belt on Hayday. And Pokémon Go. Don't judge.

I'm a nurse, a professional barehoof trimmer (aka farrier), wife, mom of 3, and I love gardening and Halloween. I live in a constant jetlag because I work night shift, so it's hard to keep to a schedule. Adding that I am a pantser at heart, and you have the ultimate chaos that is me.

I wrote my first story in 2018, and I've won a few competitions where the award was a minute of fame and a sticker you had to make yourself. Ha! And I have 2 stories published on Galatea. I write romcom marked mature, but I love playing with other genres, too.