Speculative Fiction with Romance


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PGg0IHN0eWxlPSJjb2xvcjojNjY2OyB0ZXh0LWFsaWduOmNlbnRlcjsiPkdlbnJlOiB7QGZlYXR1cmVkX2dlbnJlfTwvaDQ+ Alucard's a reclusive, former-god-hunting vampire lord. Zalith's a promiscuous warlord who comes from old money and an ancient demon bloodline. When the pair meet, Alucard's quiet life is turned upside down, and Zalith's 600 years of meaningless conquests appear to be at their end. Alucard has lived a terrible life. Born into the Diabolus, a cult of estranged witches dedicated to freeing Lucifer from the void, his mother was slaughtered seconds after his birth, and he grew up in darkness until he was ready to do what he'd been born to doーdie. When offered immortality to escape his fate, Alucard was reborn as the world's first vampire. Four hundred years later, on the tower of a rustic castle, Alucard meets Zalith. But Alucard isn't so keen to work alongside a demonーfor demons and vampires are natural foes. To both their displeasure, however, they are teamed together to work for Damien, the tyrant Numen often worshipped by man as God. And the task: moving endangered vampires from Zalith's world to Alucard's. With a year to complete their missionーalongside ridding Dor-Sanguis of Alucard's nemesis and Werewolf Queen, AdaーAlucard and Zalith must work together to do what needs to be done. But as they strive to reach their common goal, both the vampire and demon perceive an intimidating truth; they were both missing something in their very different lives. But would they have time to grasp it? ✙ MxM Romance ✙ Enemies to Friends to Lovers ✙ Slow Burn/Soap Opera\Slice of Life ✙ Word Count: 281,000 ─────────────────────────────────── ✵ NumenVerse year: 957

T.Csernis writes novels about murky forests, lavish mansions, and feisty, morally-grey protagonists. He is an openly gay man living in London, UK, with his perfectly peculiar felines, Clawdia and Peaches. He has won multiple short fiction contests, longlisted and shortlisted in NaNoWriMo 2021, and writes serialized fiction. T.Csernis has also had a poem he wrote when he was eight years old featured in the children's magazine, DinoMite! All of T.Csernis' novels are home to LGBTQ characters, specifically gay male leads. His works often include struggles with mental health and abusive relatives, found family, and self-discovery, all of which he has experienced himself. Enemies-to-lovers is one of T.Csernis' favourite tropes, and most of his works possess it. Every one of his novels contains an element of fantasy, whether it be low, high, epic, dark, or literary.

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My Mother Runs with Wolves

genre: werewolf

A genetically unique but emotionally lost teenager must figure out who she is within her mixed-up, warring world of Shifters and Wolfstalkers. ***** It wasn't Maddie's choice to be born a half-breed, half Shifter, half Wolfstalker -- a hunter of Shifters -- and it wasn't her choice to keep her identity a secret. But after trying to attend high school like any normal sixteen-year-old, things quickly spiral south when her Stalker uncle finds out about her and catapults her out of anonymity and into the awareness--or possibly the crosshairs--of The Order of the Wolfstalker. Maddie must think fast and figure out a way to keep herself and her family safe, or risk losing everything. Including her life.

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A genetically unique but emotionally lost teenager must figure out who she is within her mixed-up, warring world of Shifters and Wolfstalkers.