Zombies are taking over. Anyone who is bitten by a zombie turns into one. Diane gets bitten while rescuing a child. She knows if anyone finds out about the bite, she'll be driven away, so she keeps it hidden. But she soon discovers she isn't turning into a zombie, she's turning into something else.

Feudal Southeast-Asia filled with magic, daemons, and a royal conspiracy: A refugee must return home and infiltrate the very court that wants her dead in order to rescue her sister and dispose of her enemies before they dispose of her. All without inciting a war.

Identical twins Isabella and Arabella Garvey have nothing in common except their looks: where Arabella is a confident socialite, Isabella hides from society, ruined by scandal. But when Arabella runs away with a secret lover to escape her loveless marriage, Isabella must impersonate her sister in order to save her family's reputation. The only problem? In order to outfox Arabella's cruel and clever husband, Isabella must start living with him, and it doesn't take long for her to discover a passionate and respectful man under his icy exterior. But is she willing to destroy her sister's reputation in order to be with the man she loves?

Wren and Kenna hated each other in high school. Now mature-ish adults, they still hate each other. The problem? They're engaged. A year away from marriage, according to two of the most powerful people in the world: their parents.

Ari Callahan has no idea how to talk to boys -- or how to talk to anyone for that matter. She's the quiet girl who goes unnoticed, while her beautiful and outgoing sister attracts every boy’s attention in their beachside town. Ari’s most comfortable underwater, working her summer job as a mermaid impersonator in an aquarium, where no one expects her to speak. And Ari can’t help identifying with her namesake character, Ariel, the little mermaid in the fairytale whose voice was stolen by a sea witch. Enter Zac, the cute new guy in town who asks for Ari’s number. With his confidence and flirty sense of humor, Ari finds him irresistible. But Zac harbors a dark secret, and his intentions may not be what they seem. Will he be the handsome prince Ari’s dreamed of all her life -- or will he use her and leave her high and dry?

With six months left until Gwen turns thirty, she's determined to make the most of every minute. After she books a flight to Canada, she begins to realize that traveling alone isn't quite the joy she anticipated. Blake needs a break to recharge mentally and emotionally after his medical team is evacuated from the DRC. With six months until he needs to walk his little sister down the aisle, he decides some solo time across Canada to refuel might be just what he needs. But a chance encounter in British Columbia ends with Gwen and Blake agreeing to be adventure buddies. With a set of travel rules almost as long as their trip from British Columbia to Newfoundland, Blake and Gwen are destined to break every one, and in the process discover what they truly value.

Runaway seventeen-year-old Amaya faces the consequences of faking a relationship with her notorious crush, Carter Bell, in exchange for a place to stay. *** When seventeen-year-old Amaya runs away to escape her abusive step-father, she finds herself on the path of her school's notorious bad boy, Carter Bell. Desperate for a place to stay, she accepts Carter's offer to be his fake girlfriend in exchange for sharing his room with her. However, the lie comes at a cost when feelings start to develop in unexpected ways. Carter is everything Amaya has been taught to stay away from but more than that, he is impossible to resist. The more she tries to warn him about the dangers of being close to her, the desperate he becomes for her love. The stakes are high but Carter always get what he wants, and he wants her. BOOK 1 of THE WALLS DUET

Surf, sand, neon lights, and vampire jokes have been Jenna's life ever since her former best friend, Georgie, spilled her darkest secret to the whole school. A secret that's haunted her since she was little - that she was attacked by something inhuman. When she stumbles upon blood-drained bodies on the boardwalk, and is attacked by a vampire-looking monster, old nightmares become reality. Now in the crosshairs of an undead serial killer, Jenna's pretty sure the killer is also Georgie's new boyfriend. Dodging a murderer is easier than talking to her enemy, but when Georgie starts changing in even more monstrous ways, Jenna has to suck it up and work with the person she hates most if she wants any hope of stopping a killer before they both end up dead. Inspired by The Lost Boys. You don't have to see the movie to get the book, but you're missing out on some mullet-filled fun if you don't. Content/Trigger Warnings: This book contains moderate to heavy swearing and themes of murder, viol

They say nothing was left of Ravenna Aphelion... nothing but her ancestral amber ring and a scared little girl clinging to it and crying in the ash of her home, broken but unburnt. *** Years later, three kingdoms are on the verge of war. Karil seeks to wipe out the magic that Idoria worships and Delos is caught in the middle, taking refugees and making alliances that are raising tensions more than diffusing them. A man in the West calls himself The Chaos and is doing his best to live up to the name, a prophecy has scholars on the edge, and religious zealots are flooding the streets and committing violent acts against those against the belief. This world needs salvation. And it may come from the most unlikely of sources; the bastard of a sullen king, an assassin with a deadly secret, and a monster hunter from an ancient order. They may not save the world but they will give it a choice. Resurrection or ruin? What will humanity choose?

Brooke Jackson thought she had everything. But no one likes her fiancé, and she seems to have an attraction to her fiancé's best friend. Determined to prove everyone wrong, Brooke carries on with her wedding plans to Jasper. But things start spiralling even more out of control when her best friend reveals a shocking confession the night before her wedding. Then, a woman shows up at the altar to reveal a shocking secret about her fiancé. As Brooke attempts to navigate her fiancé's dirty past, plus her best friend's shocking confession, she realises that everything she thought was perfect, isn't and it all started with a single confession at the altar.

Azima Rousseau, a demon hunter destined to save her world from the denizens of the Underworld, has to venture through the Seven Levels of Hell in order to face its Prince and close the rift between their worlds once and for all. ***** Ever since her eighteenth birthday, Azima Rousseau knew she would die battling the forces of Hell just as her mother had, and every other Rousseau before her. So when her destiny delivers her to Death's door, it is not the Devil who answers, but the Demon Prince Malecoda. Instead of ending her fated existence as his sworn enemy, he decides to bind her into a pact that challenges not only the intensity of her will to survive but also the integrity of her soul to persevere. Together they soon discover who the monsters truly are- Azima's own people.

When 17-year-old Arbor Hayes' best friend turns up alive after a mysterious six-month disappearance, she must piece together the fragments of her story to make sense of what happened. But as clues emerge, she discovers how damaged Emma Navarro is ... and how dangerous the truth can be.

Love and hate get tangled in sheets when Vaughn and Claire enter into a marriage of convenience that defies a fragile and bloodthirsty family rivalry. *** Rich and spoilt, Claire's perfect life takes a turn when her father tries to force her into a marriage to pay for his debts. Claire's only escape lies in her father's worst enemy and business rival: Vaughn Jackson. To make matters more complicated still, Vaughn is the man responsible for her brother's death four years ago. However, their marriage will protect her and - sweeter still - show her father once and for all that he does not own her. It seems like the perfect plan. But Vaughn is burdened by dark secrets and vengeful desires. Can six months be enough to fire their passion? Or is the man she turned to for protection, the man she is starting to love, the greatest danger of all? With a killer on loose and love in line, bed sheets aren't the only thing tangled in this game of hearts.

A no-nonsense IRS agent sent to investigate a family business for tax fraud finds it difficult to do her job when the suspect is so frustratingly adorable.

Inmate C41 is the youngest registered "feral" shapeshifter -- someone unable to control his animal urges and aggressions. When he turns eighteen he is transferred to the Adult Feral Rehabilitation Center in Scotland, where he meets a mysterious American government agent who endlessly probes him with questions. C41 does the only thing he thinks will help him survive - he lies. And that starts a chain of events that will either end in a prison break or a life of torture.

Wrestling team captains Max Desera and Axel Cortés must settle their long-standing rivalry - but a different kind of fire may ignite between them. ***** The school decides it will only keep one of its two male wrestling teams, adding fire to the cutthroat rivalry between the two captains, Max Desera and Axel Cortés. Axel sees Max as undeserving of the title, but when Max, who is proudly bisexual, finds out that Axel is closeted gay, their dynamics begin to change. Things heat up before the tournament when a terrible incident of foul play occurs, forcing the two sworn enemies to suddenly rely on each other - but this time, the heat feels different.

Winter Henderson's childhood sweetheart was murdered by their mutual friend when they were seventeen. Her life plans were torn apart without a reason why, she was left to mourn the love of her life and pick up the pieces of a life she'd made plans for. Five years later, the marred past still haunts Winter, but she has managed to form a good life with a job she loves and a fiancé. Just when she believes everything is settling down after so many years of mourning, she starts receiving strange messages which leaves her wondering if the past might not be as buried as she thinks.

Jessica "Ike" Wordsworth can dive into books, but she isn't prepared for a monster - and a ruthless murderer killing her tourists. Ike is fighting the aftermath of a nasty divorce that left her husband in custody of her homesitting business - and her beloved cats. With nothing but a turquoise construction trailer to call her home, Ike invests her last quid and becomes partner in a tour company specialising in bespoke trips for book-lovers. When the guide hired to take on the first tour drops out at the last minute, Ike has to take over and steer her guests towards the cradle of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein". All to soon she realises there truly are monsters on the loose, one of them a ruthless killer who's targetting her tourists. To unearth the truth, Ike will have to cooperate with her moronic partner, Gary Sands, 13th Baron of Nettlehole and founder of LiteraTours. When they don't succeed in stopping the killer, she realises she'll have to take the plunge and draw on some rather unusual skills her family has been hiding from the world . . . "Frankenstein's Guide" is the first instalment in the "LiteraTours Cozy Mystery series".

Over the past few months, seven Dawnward Times journalists have disappeared and they all have one thing in common: Greykin Mountain. Desperate for a front-page story to boost his career, Jackson travels to Ascela to find them and unravel the mystery behind their disappearance. However, the bitter tundra and day-long snow storms aren't the only danger Ascela has to offer. Wolf walkers are said to haunt Greykin's mountains, but Jackson suspects these local legends might be responsible for the disappearances, and nothing is going to impede his hunt for answers. That is...until he comes face to face with a monstrous creature in the middle of a storm. Thrown head-first into a world of wolf-shifters and undead monsters, Jackson must quickly adapt and evolve, or become another lost soul damned to wander Greykin's endless tundra forever.

Peyton loves baseball. Losing his ace pitcher brother turned Santiago away from the game. Can she make him fall for it again without risking her heart or future? *** Peyton O'Hare loves baseball more than anyone. Too bad she's a girl and can't pursue it professionally. Santiago Miranda has the game running through his veins. Too bad he's not interested in playing anymore since his superstar brother died last summer. Peyton won't waste her senior year on pesky things like not being able to play for the school team, not when she can use Santiago to reach her dreams. Too bad she didn't factor in that he may be playing his own game, not with a baseball but with her heart.

A lonely, small-town gamer girl dreams big when she enters Komoreby High in a glamorous eco-city. When the first day hits rock bottom and a science anomaly zips her to a parallel universe, she must reforge life and love while solving the mystery to find her way home. This is a quirky Asian high school story fused with sci-fi, romance and mystery. WATTY AWARDS 2022 SHORTLISTER

A local girl tired of the mundane, develops a crush on a stranger who gifts her a puzzle to uncover after a dead body is found in his manor.

Lillie Clarke had everything figured out, until she didn't. Nursing a broken heart, she starts writing to an incarcerated man. It's strictly platonic, but the letters from Dimitri make her feel things she hasn't felt in years: Appreciated. Interesting. Seen. When Dimitri gets out on parole, she agrees to see him, and things don't stay platonic for long. But getting out of prison is only the first step in Dimitri's second chance. His violent past keeps trying to pull him back in, and he'll do anything to keep Lillie safe. Even if that means staying away from her--or trying to.

Everyone wants a place to belong, and Jade is no exception. Being a runt is something she can't change, but it's something she will have to overcome in order to convince a pack to accept her. *** Rogues, lawless wolves, and ferals are only some of the dangers Jade must face while living in no man's land, and she has to be clever to survive. Such a lifestyle has taught her several tricks and given her valuable skills, but will they be enough to convince a pack to let her prove her worth? Even if she does find one willing to let her in, she knows there will be new obstacles to face - and she's determined to overcome them, and, perhaps, even dream of falling in love.

In desperate need of a good story, Michaela Tate has no choice but to accept a one-time opportunity to help interview famous, secluded writer Lincoln Calloway, fresh out of a two-year disappearance from the public eye. Years after their previous romantic relationship imploded, Michaela doubts she knows him at all, but he still knows her--and the book he's writing about her is clear proof of that. In that book, the princess saves herself. Over and over again.

Aspen Watkins grew up in a devout Christian family. When she falls pregnant at eighteen by her boyfriend, Joel, they are forced to wed by her family. Two years later, Joel is taken ill. Aspen soon learns that he's been lying to her since they met - he actually has a life-limiting condition. She quickly learns that it's not just Joel that the disease affects and the sins they thought they'd atoned for come back to haunt them both. Aspen finds an empathetic ear in her husband's nurse, Nicholas Knight, who also had a surprising link to her life. He has her questioning everything she ever knew and helps her separate her past from her present. When tragedy strikes, Aspen learns that to move on, she needs to find a new meaning of life after loss along with a new family who accept her for who she is.

A genetically unique but emotionally lost teenager must figure out who she is within her mixed-up, warring world of Shifters and Wolfstalkers. ***** It wasn't Maddie's choice to be born a half-breed, half Shifter, half Wolfstalker -- a hunter of Shifters -- and it wasn't her choice to keep her identity a secret. But after trying to attend high school like any normal sixteen-year-old, things quickly spiral south when her Stalker uncle finds out about her and catapults her out of anonymity and into the awareness--or possibly the crosshairs--of The Order of the Wolfstalker. Maddie must think fast and figure out a way to keep herself and her family safe, or risk losing everything. Including her life.

Alucard has lived a terrible life. Born into the Diabolus, a cult of estranged witches dedicated to freeing Lucifer from the void, his mother was slaughtered seconds after his birth, and he grew up in darkness until he was ready to do what he'd been born to doーdie. When offered immortality to escape his fate, Alucard was reborn as the world's first vampire. Four hundred years later, on the tower of a rustic castle, Alucard meets Zalith. But Alucard isn't so keen to work alongside a demonーfor demons and vampires are natural foes. To both their displeasure, however, they are teamed together to work for Damien, the tyrant Numen often worshipped by man as God. And the task: moving endangered vampires from Zalith's world to Alucard's.

Gretchen Harper didn't expect to meet her favourite baseball player, Joshua Malvern, on her way to Vegas for a wine event, especially seeing as he's not headed there by choice. Having been sent down from the major leagues, Joshua is worried about the future of his career, but as they get to know each other over the course of one weekend, there's no denying the fire between them burns hot. But they're from completely different worlds and their affair isn't meant to last. With his career up in the air and her job her primary focus, can they find a way to round the bases towards love?

Short on cash, Rhiannon Ford signs up to take part in a social psychology experiment based on group think. But when a participant dies under mysterious circumstances, and the story surrounding that death seems mired in conflicting lies, she's quickly drawn into a web of conspiracies that merge urban legends, rivalries, and the very psychological principle the test was about. When everyone is lying, how can Rhiannon find the truth?

Assigned to the mysterious Section F, Agent Fields' number one priority is reversing his sudden career-slide. Even more so after meeting his new partner, the borderline dangerous Agent Peregrine. A specialist in ‘unconventional’ cases, she suspects the victims in a recent spate of murders are fairy-tale princesses from other worlds, and has her sights set on story-loving quantum-science genius Dr Frank Featherstone. Suspecting his partner is crazy, Fields' scepticism wilts when the case leads to a comatose prince, a wisecracking witch and a very much alive princess, with a mean kick to the codpiece up her sleeve. What begins as a murder investigation spirals into a jaw-dropping, dimension-spanning race against time, as the two agents and their new offsiders battle monsters, dodge dragons and receive a first-hand hardcore lesson in fairy-tale lore, while trying to bag the bad guy - and just maybe save the world.

Forced to relocate to the home of his betrothed with the death of his father, Eiren Adair finds himself surrounded by sinister statues, a nervous wreck of a priest, a sinister castle Lord, and a bride-to-be. Left unable to sleep due to the howling of the hounds, he discovers a plot to murder the dead wives of the Lord and strives to escape before he becomes another corpse of the estate.

Amelia Collins is in witness protection, starting at a new school in a small town. But when she becomes involved with the most infamous guy at school, she's reminded that she can never truly escape her tragic past. ***** When Amelia Collins moves to a new town with a new identity, she plans to keep her head down and finish her senior year. But this changes when she runs - literally - into the school's hottest badass, the mysterious and brooding Aiden Parker. Soon, Aiden's friend group is calling Amelia one of their own, and she finds herself balancing her new life while trying to recover from a tragic past. During a school year full of new friends and old rivalries, Amelia finds herself falling for Aiden, who has skeletons of his own. But she has to fight those feelings - after all, all Amelia ever does is run. Can she ever truly escape what she's been running from? Or has she finally found a reason to stop?

The Hotel Reynard is the sleepy town of Spelling's chief attraction, and its new owner is a college dropout with commitment issues. Gemma has always loved the stories and history that surround the property--scary tales conjured by the locals to draw in tourists. But when she witnesses the inexplicable, Gemma refuses to consider the paranormal and searches for answers. She just never thought they would come in the form of hot, identical twin brothers living beneath the hotel's bell tower. When the truth begins to unravel, Gemma is forced to consider the possibility that the paranormal does exist, and it's woven into the core of the hotel, starting with Archer and Soren Hyde. Despite her skepticism, she must solve the mystery shrouding her family, hold tight to the hotel she adores, and try to resist the charms of the two mystical men haunting the Reynard.

When they were children, he promised he would always be there for her, but he left. Eleven years later, they meet again, and she's forced to put her trust in the best friend who broke her. Memory is an art form for Addison Merrick. Her marriage to her paramedic husband, Everett, is blissful, loving, and full of routine- just the way she likes it. Things change, however, when Everett falls ill. The diagnosis changes both their lives forever, especially when the one person Addison wants to forget waltzes back into her life due to her husband's ailment: her childhood best friend, Ashton, who promised to always be there for her before shattering her heart.

Miguel Gomez is your average disgruntled divorcée attending a support group to cope with the split from his wife. Life as a newly single man in his thirties seems bleak, but when an alluring woman named Angie Mendoza walks into his support group, Miguel can’t take his eyes off her—until she proposes they kill their exes. At first, he thinks she’s crazy, but she’s done her homework and has a research folder full of reasons why he should kill his ex-wife. Still, he refuses until the abusive ex-husband of his love interest threatens to kill him, and he has no choice but to seek Angie’s help. This begins a tumble down a rabbit hole with more twists than a labyrinth that could be Miguel’s undoing.

A young girl found in a carriage wreck in 1777 is taken under a King and Queen's wing, but she has no idea how hard it'll be for her to navigate the gossip and rumors about her identity, all while trying not to fall for the King and Queen's son.

When Paige Johnston takes a promotion overseas and her nanny quits on her last minute, she's in a bind. After posting the job to a local community board, she's optimistic when she hires a single mother named, Ashley, sight unseen. There's just one problem. Ashley is Ash, and he's not a single mother, he's a single father and former bricklayer. After his long-term girlfriend decided she didn't want to be a mother anymore, Ash has been struggling to makes ends meet and this job promises a fresh start. As the two of them navigate life in the house together, can they let go of old wounds in time to seize happiness together?

Grief-stricken over the death of the boss who was like a father to her, Olivia Bailey is left to deal with the aftermath--the arrival of his dashing but estranged son, Pierce Alexander. But she can't stand him and he doesn't trust her. Will working for the new CEO remain to be an impossible task?

As a child, Giovanna Visconti learned the arts of bloodletting and elixir brewing from her father with an intent to simply support his work, not take it over. But when he falls ill from the pestilence that's been ravaging Venice for months, she reluctantly dons the beaked mask of the plague doctor. Vowing to protect her father however she can, Giovanna hides him away and sees her first patient--the handsome, but alarmingly feverish Matteo Barozzi. Although she successfully treats this son of a high-ranking official, in a careless moment Giovanna fails to properly conceal her identity. The only reason she isn't tossed into a dank jail cell is thanks to the young man's honor and feelings of indebtedness. The association between the charming aristocrat and the clever commoner should end there, but when Giovanna's dearest friend goes missing right after her betrothal to the Doge's son and amid strange reports of nighttime attacks, violent commotions, and inexplicable behaviors in the community, the only person Giovanna can turn to for help is Matteo. Together, they must carefully navigate Venice's increasingly deadly canals to uncover a sect peddling false cures and a smuggling plot involving the highest levels of government or risk the entire Republic falling victim to something even worse than the plague: the risen dead.

Edith Shepley looks like a Wyrm. She takes after her father, whoever he was, but that doesn't change things. She is a proper Folk lady nonetheless, trained from the cradle to govern as Baroness of Ewert someday. And she knows her duty. Now a woman at sixteen years old, Edith must marry and beget Ewert's next heir. She obediently considers suitor after suitor, some sweet, some baffling, some detestable. But the more she sees of her mother's society, the more Edith questions whether she really is a Folk lady, after all. And the more she's stung by its insults, its injuries and injustices, the more she doubts she really wants to be. There are advantages to being a Wyrm, in truth. To begin with, Wyrm girls have much more fun.

Gustavo isn't the adventuring type but when his uncle invites him to the city to attend the World Fair, he couldn't say no. But he didn't expect to meet an alien named Vera, who like him, never ventured far from home. He also didn't expect to dodge a piece of metal falling from the sky. He continues to tell himself it was just an accident, all will be fine. But the look in Vera's eyes tells him otherwise. And the city underneath the aliens may have more lies than lights, and a falling spaceship is the least of his worries.

How hard can it be to locate your sister? Well, in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, that might be easier said than done, especially if you're a zombie. --- Plagued by the bloodthirsty influences of the zombie virus, Trinity must fight against its attempts to steal her humanity. The virus is relentless and fully convinced that humans are the best prey around, but giving into that temptation would strip her of her mind and reduce her to just another member of the mindless horde.

After discovering her fiance is cheating on her, heiress and fashion designer Lily Porter is whisked away to Tokyo to help a production company adapt one of her great-aunt's novels. She isn't thrilled about lying about being her aunt's assistant until it throws her into the path of the movie's lead actor, who is enough of a distraction to keep her mind off her ex for good. But can there really be a future for them when their relationship is built on lies, false identities, and a secret engagement?

Skylar is not a typical noble lady. Captain to her own company, she feels more at home with a sword in hand than in the ballroom. Her whole life gets turned upside down when she is forced to marry Lord General Gawyn Gryphonheart for the alliance. The vicious political machinations will be the least of her problems because a far darker threat is looming in the east. Skylar, with her fighting experience, might be the only one who sees it coming. If only her husband trusted her enough to heed her advice. Can she fulfil her role as a graceful and obedient wife at the royal court and convince the noble families to unite against the monsters believed to be merely a legend?

When Beth wins two tickets to Hawaii, she accidentally invites the office hottie to join her for what's to become the most sizzling adventure of her life! ***** Fresh off the heels of a heart-wrenching breakup, Beth wins a beautiful vacation to Hawaii. Cue sunny beach, yummy cocktails and the chance to completely let her hair down, until Beth drunkenly makes a deal with the office hottie, Russell, to go on the trip with her, and her boss turns her relaxing vacay into an opportunity to save her job that's on the line. While Russell has a hard and fast rule about not dating anyone from the office, Beth drives him to the brink of insanity with desire. Although they are both healing from past demons, the pull towards each other is so electric, it's a recipe for the most mouth-watering 'work' vacation yet.

No one ever said what would happen when dragons and aliens meet. And no one told me that I would be in the middle of it. * * * Tasha was studying hard to get through her last year of university when she was kidnapped. She certainly didn't expect to wake up as a cat-sized miniature dragon. Mad scientists are bad enough, but things get even more complicated when aliens appear and wipe out the human race. Is there a way for her to hide her true identity in this new world while retaining her humanity?

In the heart of Hawai'i, Alex finds an instant connection when she meets her best friend Emmie's new boyfriend at a party. And even as the relationship becomes strained, their friendship continues to grow until Alex finds herself stuck between the two people she loves the most. Though she learns how hard it is to balance these two relationships, especially after Emmie and Zach's relationship ends, they dive deeper and deeper into the depths of their secrets until their lies pull them under. After everything falls apart and Zachariah moves away for a year and a half, he returns and Alexandra's life is shaken up because he's not the only one back in town. With Zachariah and Emmie both returning to O'ahu, Alex is forced to reconcile what she wants out of life, and who she wants to be.

Brady is the fixer at West Line Ranch. Equipment, cattle fencing, his estranged father's situation to name a few. On top of everything, fate has placed Caitlin Fenshaw and her predicament squarely in his path. He's drawn to her strength, but is he ready to open his heart when he is still figuring out who he is? Caitlin doubts she'll ever fall in love again, after what her ex did to her. Through her favourite patient Keith, she keeps bumping into Brady West. He's sweet, caring, and his touch soothes her long-worn nerves. He understands her, but she's on the fence about whether to let someone else into her broken heart. As their deep connection takes hold, Caitlin will have to push her doubts aside and trust Brady, and Brady will have to let his family help him when the stakes get high. Book 2 of the West Brothers Series

After the beloved owner of West Line Ranch passes away, Liz and the rest of the ranch get a wild surprise at the reading of the will - long estranged Jake is on his way back to West Line Ranch, which can only mean trouble. When he arrives to not only discover he was granted full ownership of the ranch, but that he must stay for a year, he agrees, as there's nothing holding him to his past. However, the longer he stays at the ranch, the more he begins to fall for not just the simpler way of life in the country, but for Liz as well. This is Book 1 of the West Brothers Series.

A decade ago, Ellie was heartbroken when the love of her life chose his Hollywood party lifestyle over her. Can she forgive him and give love a second chance? Ellie is forced to choose between the new world she has carved out for herself and the passionate whirlwind that allowing Wyatt back into her life could bring.

When the sun goes down, the gravestone statues in Willow Hills Cemetery come to life--including Gretta. As a granite guardian of the dead, it's her job to make sure her charge--the snarky, hot-headed, lesbian spirit Quinn Rivera--crosses over and finds spiritual peace. But that's a little hard to do when Quinn's twin brother Jason blames himself for her premature death. And for Quinn to agree to cross over, he must learn the truth of her accidental passing and the bipolar episodes that led her to shut him out beforehand. But reaching out to the living is against the rules, and to break them would mean facing the most power-hungry and terrifying spirit of all: Death.

horror, humor
Seventeen year old Kayla Girard follows the rules just like any good sherriff's daughter should. But when eight dead sharks wash up on the highway outside her remote coastal town, Justin, the town lowlife, drags Kayla out to the highway with him. When they arrive at the scene, the sharks are gone - and two of Justin's friends are found dead in their place. Suddenly it's up to Kayla and Justin to save the town from sharks that won't stay dead.