Bio: Nabeela, known to friends as Nab, started writing on Wattpad, seven years ago, at the insistence of a friend. She dabbled in short stories in the beginning and slowly moved onto NewAdult, YoungAdult and is currently focused on poetry. She’s 47, a mom of two and a resident of India. She loves connecting with the writing community on Wattpad through various initiatives on her community profile “NewlyWrittenBooks”, her personal profile and across multiple Discord servers. Her poetry collection “Ethereal Expressions” won first place at the recently concluded Cogitatio Realm Awards2023. As the Events admin at the WattWorld server, Nab enjoys participating and conducting live readings every Saturday along with the weekly contest.

Featured Books: Ethereal Expressions
Hey there
Here are some of my poetry collections:
1. Celestia:
2. Time And Space:
3. Ethereal Expressions: