All Things Devour

genre: paranormal

Sonya Marston is a rational woman. She's a graduate student, an anthropology major, and not the kind of person easy to scare with silly ghost stories. She only believes in what she can see, what she can touch, and what facts can prove. However, when misfortune in the form of immortal, marauding vampires strikes her class's expedition, Sonya will have to expand her beliefs to include the undead, magic, and a set of ever-vigilant Norse gods. Ghost story or not, one bite to the neck changes Sonya's life forever. Now, she must accept the help of a charming vampire exile named Anton to return to his home of Vidarheim and find the man who bit her. Untended, the curse in her wound will grow and turn her into a senseless ghoul. All is not well in Vidarheim though, so finding-and convincing-her attacker to complete her change will be more difficult than Sonya or Anton anticipate. Time is running short, the curse grows, and Sonya races against fate and realm politics to find the cure before s

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After anthropology student Sonya Marston is bitten by a strange vampire, she must accept the help of his worst enemy to enter a realm of immortal, blood-sucking Vikings before the bite turns her into a mindless monster.