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The Art of Remembering

Genre: contemporary lit and romance

For actress and theatre teacher, Addison Merrick, memory has been an art form and an integral part of her life. Her marriage to Everett, a paramedic, is blissful, loving, routine - perfect until Everett is diagnosed with a progressive illness.

Ashton Sutton is no stranger to loss and regret - as a specialist doctor, he sees it every day of his life. When he was a teenager, his mother was murdered and he was moved across the country. Ever since his regret at leaving his best friend never disappeared, especially since he was secretly in love with her.

When Everett is rushed into hospital after an accident, the one person Addison wants to forget waltzes back into her life. Her childhood best friend, Ashton promised to always be there for her before shattering her heart by moving away and never speaking to her again despite the major crush she had on him. Now, she finds herself forced to put her trust back in him when he becomes Everett's doctor to try to slow down his fatal illness. With both Ashton and Addison back in each other's lives for good, can they both keep their long-buried feelings for each other at bay?

About the Author

Alex Orchard is a British writer with a Kiwi twist, specializing in contemporary romance with a genre-bending edge.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, Alex crafts tales that take real people and place them in extraordinary circumstances, sometimes even in strange new worlds. But at the heart of each story is always a love story that will tug at your heartstrings. Her writing has been known to split readers' hearts in two.

When she's not writing, Alex is happily married, a devoted mother, and an avid gamer. She also has a soft spot for tea and enjoys sipping a hot cup while she creates her next literary masterpiece.


contemporary lit, new adult, and romance
contemporary lit, lgbtq, new adult, and romance
contemporary lit, mystery : Mystery, new adult, romance, and thriller
contemporary lit, mystery : Mystery, new adult, and romance